Monday, October 24, 2011

Manchester Reunion

Has anyone here got a beanie hat they can lend me
Im going to a big Manchester Reunion on Friday
We're heading back up north, all the old lads
And Ill need a beanie hat
Its just something we always used to wear, a beanie.
Out on the town

I need a harrington jacket too.
You know, with the checks on the inside,
fred perry or something like that.
We all used to wear a harrington jacket
and a beanie hat
It wont be a reunion without the two of them

Has anyone got a set of roller blades,
for my manchester reunion.
I cant go up without them.
Ill be laughed off the trian
We used to blade up and down halls
do you know what I mean?
Fucking classic

tortoise? Couple of lemons?
Disabled kid? Wigs?

I need them all for my manchester reunion
oh fucking happy days


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